How to choose the best SEO Company

Knowing how to choose the Best SEO Company can be either the best thing that has ever happened to you or the biggest nightmare in your life. The questions you should be asking them or looking out for are the following:


1 – Where are they ranked themselves? An SEO company has to be ranked number one for at least one competitive key term. Many SEO companies are not ranked for any strong term yet they profess to achieving high results so now ask yourself if they can’t even get their own site on top of Google, the same site they have been marketing for years and years then how the heck will they get yours?


2. Do they have case studies, testimonials or proven past results? Well they should, If an SEO company is ready to take your money and sweet-talk you that they can do this and that they should be able to show you what they have done for their previous clients and what kind of results they achieved?


3. Do they want to eat up your budget? You could go with a SEO company today and they could get you to number one spot for your desired key phrase but another SEO company could have done the same for a third of the price and a third of your budget spent. So it is good look around and once you have chosen the SEO companies that have the best track record then go for the ones that won’t eat up your pockets.


4. Do they report back to you regularly? Are the results picking up steadily? You could find an SEO Company that will give you results after the agreed 3 or 6 month contract is up or you could find an SEO company that will give you weekly or bi-weekly results whilst keeping you upto date with forecasts / link building strategies so be sure to ask this before you buy.


5. Does the SEO integrate well with your online conversion rates and user experience? A SEO company should be able to alter the content and design of your site whilst maintaining or optimizing the values of conversion you had before and whilst also giving users the same or better experience when using your site. Remember it’s not just about results and traffic because if you have more people yet significantly lower conversion rates what’s the point? So keep an eye on the revenue.

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Right Seo company = Revenue up = awesome fun